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Raising existing concrete can save up to 50% over replacement.

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Houston's leading concrete raising
and void fill specialist solution.

We are a Texas born company serving the Houston, Texas area, that takes pride raising, leveling, and stabilizing existing concrete slabs.

Concrete Leveling Driveway

Our polyurethane foam is injected underneath the fallen and voided concrete, raising it back to original height and at the same time the foam is stabilizing the area.

We are fully insured and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality customer service.

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The Problem

Soils are susceptible to the forces of nature, causing them to contract, expand, and ultimately fail. Water and extreme temperatures degrade the sub-base, under the concrete. As a result, the concrete sinks and drops, creating not only an aesthetically unappealing surface, but also a hazardous and unstable structure.

The Solution

Each failure is unique and requires careful planning to design and implement a concrete repair that will withstand the test of time. We use an advanced process to inject expandable polyurethane foam under the concrete to raise and support it, at the same time, stabilize the soil to prevent recurring issues.

The Result

The process repairs and eliminates the failing condition within minutes and the concrete is ready to return to service immediately. Raising and supporting the concrete back to original height, as well as controlling the erosion issues, will extend the life of the concrete for many years to come.


Serving both Commercial & Residential.

Are the wood joints rotted between slabs? We can help! We replace expansion Joints with three part waterproofing mastic color matched to your concrete that prevents erosion under the slab. This will add years to your concrete and give it a new look that is functional and adds great curb appeal. Question about your joints? Give us a call today.

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The Team

David Butler | Concrete Leveling

David Butler

My family and my work are the few things I am truly passionate about. My wife and I were blessed with a beautiful daughter that just turned one. She is the center of our universe. I come from a small business background and am completely devoted to the satisfaction and wellbeing of all PolyTex customers. When you call us, you will not speak to a machine or service, you will speak directly with me. Together we will walk through all of your questions and determine the best way to handle all of your leveling and erosion needs. I truly enjoy meeting new people and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kevin Preston | Concrete Leveling

Kevin Preston


I am a Texas-raised husband and father of a beautiful son, dedicated to God and family. I have incorporated my vast structural and mechanical experience into the concrete leveling and erosion control industry. Maintaining a common sense and value minded approach is my priority. I look at concrete issues with the customer’s end goal and feasibility to give an honest and transparent assessment. In the field leadership and open communication with the client is what sets us apart from the competition. My passion is hard work, but my love is fishing. Being outdoors at work and on the water at home is what drives me. Trust in us to get your concrete and erosion issues under control again.

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